Stay Naked

by Berry Farm Polar Wave

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kind of a sequel to Psychodelic Girl

cassettes of past albums available for pre-order (i'm home on break and i left them at college):


released December 21, 2015

drums on "Every Day" played by Tom Shreve

tuba on "Every Day" and "Teletubbies", bass on "Teletubbies" and electric guitar on "Blues in Empty" played by Clifford Schloss

guitar solo on "The Art Song" played by Taylor Hayden (

sax on "Menemsha" played by Laura Conti

fantastic artwork by Marc-Anthony Macon, check out his work here:

all else by jack potz




Berry Farm Hempstead, New York

this is the berry farm. these albums are my crops

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Track Name: Every Day Is A Struggle
these foreign beds aren't comfortable
by now my stomach's always full
i wish i could just fight to stay asleep
i fell too deep

the car fell backward 'cause the mountain it was climbing was too steep

and every day it's a struggle
every day there's no relief
every day

i'm not an individual
that's shaped by passing currents but
it's wonderful how far they take me by
they make me high

and furthermore it pays to see the formlessness of custard pie

and every day it's a struggle
every day there's no relief
every day

take me far away

'till the heavenly rapture sings out there
ranting against everyone's affairs
it's for the best
it's nice
it feels like the sun has dissolved into a three-month night

go clean up and sing it

running out in a plain metal juicebox
it tastes much better than the same stuff on the rocks
keep the light between the cavity then find
a tulip sitting in the desert and then hide
'cause i fell off, it smelled of my youth 'cause
the only thing that kept me going were your hugs
but there were none, i thought that it must stop
but it didn't and our roads now have split off

'cause every day just feels so endless
every day i see a mess
every day it feels like someone...
Track Name: The Art Song
pull my face apart
i'll tell you where to start
this is our art

have you seen what's become of the seasons now
why don't you give a coherent reason?
'cause you can really get it on
do what you like
'cause for a second there i really thought you might come alone

was it sad when the castle crumbled down?
can't hid the fact that the feelings cannot be found
but the peasants by then were gone
they all left despite
the order that they had to stay the night and fight

and this event never meant anything to me
out of sight
out your mind

endless summers, we were so high
impending factors didn't apply
oh, you're home and working to find
the thing that kept you barely a child
fall behind, it feels inside a solid satan eats you alive

have you seen what's become of the seasons now
why don't you give a coherent reason?
the kind of life where nothing's wrong
hippies hanging out and singing songs

weren't you mad when the castle crumbled down?
can't hid the fact that the feelings cannot be found
just take a step to get along
before one of us is gone

love, i'll wear a full body glove
just to prove this to you
hopefully i'll push through

rooms are a place that could aid our star
what medium will i be if i show up in your art?

frequenting the bars
extinguishing the stars
(a painting, no)
by now i can't belong to the state
by now they flipped my card
(a sculpture, no)
i feel like a cigar
feeling all the stars
(a drawing, no)
once i get a car
i'll drive to your house to pick you up
(a sad song, no)
and then we'll travel far
Track Name: Teletubbies
a dim porchlight
makes a small bubble just right
i've sunken so low
nobody has to know

feels so fine
i can't help but say that in time
we'll feel alive

the second time today
feels like a blessing
a second guessing
Track Name: Book Book
if i saw something
i'd think that given the hour it's good
it won't take long to save all that we shared
it circles everywhere
it circles in the air
my heart beats faster when i see you stare and breathe

i'll put your hand to my neck
and then i'll say
that this is what will always be
continuing away from freedom
but it all makes sense, it glows
it glows and glows and glows and glows
until you tell me no

rain on paper takes a break
i'll shove your feelings just to make
the ambulance and medics fake
i'll throw my phone and bite a cop for you
i've never seen somebody that's so pretty like a holiday
that's manifested into your form
that won't go away
Track Name: Yesterday's World (Circulatory System)
lyrics by Will Cullen Hart

yesterday's world
seemed just so far away
from these days
yesterday's dreams
seem just alright
with me these days
can we go back in time?
can we bring these days?

yesterday feels
feels just so far away
from these days
yesterdays seems
seems just so far away
from these things
yesterday's dream
feels just so far away
from these things
here we go back in time
to bring these days
Track Name: Blues In Empty
make your favorite memory
get your body ready
our kids received their gifts alright
if even a bit of the movie is right
i'll counter by scaling the mountainous height
to kiss beloved mother goodnight
feed your own dog, fulfill all my wishes
and cover your ass if you're not feeling vicious
and you can bring our bodies down to hell

where did we go wrong?
i'd like to think that life is long
but forcefully i'm kept alive
nothing will keep my from taking the dive
into the big cavern that closes at five
it's six and i just want to die
i'll set up your life and make it all fit
a stallion breeding is fucking perfect
and christmas time is set to be good luck

i celebrate the fourteenth
of every single month
as the date my tender skin turned rough
before i could not even think you were done
you lie and rob people all short of their real ones
i don't care, fuck them all, this game is fun
i'll use you and beat you in ways that will make it so
i won't be seen and you'll have to fake it
but i'm just glad you're finally mine again
Track Name: Menemsha
go belong
fly home
go belong
i'll be deep in a worried high
Track Name: Wonder Woman
pieces of these deaf eyes
cannot decide
on gaining wisdom or blowing steam

you are mine
you are mine this time

healing someone you'll find
that st. valentine
won't know what's not right anymore

you are mine
the disco up high

even with my house intact i feel so lost
tasting from the trees organic applesauce
in an instant where i was just shoved me in
in a way it's good to come this far to win

you are mine
you are mine this time
and we're alive