Goodbye Youth!

by Berry Farm

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not much BS on this one. straight up rock and folk stuff

a big thanks to Onaya Osborne and Magghie O'Shea for providing original poetry

rest in peace Ary <3


released January 10, 2015

music by jack potz

drumming by Tom Shreve (




Berry Farm Hempstead, New York

this is the berry farm. these albums are my crops

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Track Name: Ary's Song
everyone is wrecked
you should have seen the mess
all our friends beyond upset
all the chances they won’t get
it’s now safe to assume
we’re just kids that never grew
and they will never find out
where i am
i have to hide

he tied you to balloons
and then our sins could taste the food
we’re just macaroni sculptures
without elmer’s glue
in an instant where i was
took over, shoved me in
always show up early
for the living to begin

two short years ago
i wished i heard you say
that’s okay
we can try this again
just stay
flash-forward to today
i still can’t think another way
but just know
we’ll always show
you’ll never truly go

an you’ve become an angel now
we have to say goodbye
tye-dyed dreams and rainbow eyes
there’s colour in the sky
why do people grow up just to die?

yes, we grow up way too fast
and i’d give anything to see
what could have become of you
and me
but i’ve got no right to talk
about your life but i can’t stop
i just hope
that you did not assume
i didn’t care about you

remember what was written
on your kitchen wall
well, it took some time
but finally we saw

i will never let myself sink.
Track Name: Across Your Mind
please don’t run away
keep the sound at bay
processing the lies
what it is
all across your mind

mothers can’t be right
unless they grow in height
bride of frankenstein
making up lost time

mister, please don’t go
my neck is caked in snow
plus i’m all alone
believing that
the world will never know

i should see in black and white
but red is in my sight
the trail leads back to me
i see where it leads
and i can hardly breathe

"I Showed Ya Ayahuasca And I Grew Up"

i looked up
at dissapointed faces
echoing darkness
gripping like vines
i squirm in the dirt
unable to speak
chanting fills my mind
with a language
i don’t know where this came from
what it wants
but i’m yearning
for sober silence
please make it stop, Jessie
it’s not what i expected
and closing my eyes
only thickens the blanket
of chaos
Ouroboros spin and smother my sight
the kids were always right
about slithering circles, see?
your tail is in your mouth
although we thought it was a tongue
how wrong we were…
Track Name: Berry Farm Bees
you’ve learned to state your rights
i can’t believe
what you’ll do to fight
falling birds
and fermented rye
we don’t know why
we don’t know why
we can’t move
oh, deja vu!
we can’t find food
we’re so confused
you can sleep when we’re on the moon
we’ll be there soon
we’ll be there soon…

i’ll tell you what happened then

we could see it all

have your children heard the news?
that i’m in here
because of you.
raw skin can feel the sting
i am the king
i am the king
de la soul
we have to go
don’t eat the snow
you’ll die alone
but words keep pouring out
i want to shout
don’t make me shout

don’t do it

i saw a ufo once.

come inside
it’s warm in here
i see your son
has two good ears

don’t leave
i’ll know if you do

where’s your god?
you killed us all
can’t read the rules
of common law

don’t leave
i’ll know if you do

don’t leave…
Track Name: Frat Boys
write yr. own lyrics here!
Track Name: Some Monologuing
each day i fight my bed
to go to school to fill my head
but high school is for sheep
and i’m a bird
it makes me wanna chop
all my extremities right off
i don’t belong here
why can’t anyone see?

i’m approaching ten and eight
and i can’t see or guess my fate
i’m busy spending nights
with sleepy girls
their parents are never home
(but) i get up in the early morn(ing)
and run away
as fast as i can
before they come back

i’m a boy scout and a black belt
i’ve been to vegas once
i used to keep a tally
of times i’m myself
i lost count at fifty-two
that was three years ago this june
but it’s okay
i’m constructive with my time

i mostly work and write
i feel crushed by society’s might
would it be so bad
if i was unemployed?
it’s true, i’d have to play
in front of bars
and chipotles
but on the bright side
i won’t be a money slave
Track Name: Nate & Jayce
(lyrics removed by the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic)
Track Name: Walt The Barber
see-saw clementine
the pack of pyramids are mine
people always come and go
kick me out and scream below
twin dogs jumped the fence
last year
but haven’t come back since
healing wounds that burn the soul
languages that we don’t know

come again sometime
oh, walt

how did we survive?
we’ve been on Venus this whole time
love to live a creamy slice
pick a hat and get some lice
now it’s way too late to
disintegrate this tiny state
think a bit before you vow
you should know all that by now

come again sometime
oh, walt

never let yourself get bored
it’s hard to tell what groups you’re for
when you’re living on a raft
keeping all the income tax
maybe these are facts
about the ones who do these acts
people melting in the grass
michael, please take off your mask

come again sometime
oh, walt
Track Name: Hippie Girl
she dyes her t-shirts every day
she doesn’t play Monsanto’s games
lives on a farm and grows her food
she’s been a vegan
since she left the womb

oh, i love her
shes a hippie girl
i love her

she can name all the beatles songs
in the order that they were recorded
she restlessly follows the
neutral milk hotel tour dates
eats her tofu
showers once in seven days
that’s okay
i think she smells just fantastic
just like her dragon root incense
i’m just glad that she cares
about the environment

oh, i love her
shes a hippie girl
i love her
little hippie girl
i love her

sitting in her willow tree
i’ll tell her what i really need
i need someone to write my songs
with and about
then we’ll write songs all while we play
some Grateful Dead and Marvin Gaye
i can’t believe what people say
about girls who have taste

they are the angels of my world.
Track Name: I Just Got Fired From Work
i just got fired from work
the customers thought i was a jerk
i can’t believe i’m home
i have to save
all that i own
but why?
where’s the hidden camera?

i was just told i should go
focus on my music and lay low
the sadness
and the relief
cancels each other out
and leaves an indifferent feeling
i can’t hide!

oh, you can’t decide
what to do with me
i saw your friends
they all can fly

keep all your toys in a box
they might break loose and mess you up
i once had
my teeth removed
i bled for days
threw up my food
don’t lie!
i can tell when you do.

oh, you can’t decide
what to do with me
i saw your friends
they almost died

scrubbing out your words
feel the soapy burn, oh
Track Name: Youngjoy
"Ode To Joy 3"

do not shed a tear for me
for i am with the whispering winds
on the top of the mountains before you
i am in the depths of the green sea
and in the clear shallows the swirl around your feet
i am in the golden heat of the sun
warming your skin
and in the gentle tug of the moon
wishing you goodnight
i am ever before you
and around you
i am the small swish of air
and the hum of the bee
in the scent of the flower
and the cry of the dove

my love is making itself known to you

do not shed a tear for me
for i have never left your side
in all of your steps and travels
i will be there
sharing your joys and your sorrows
helping to hold your burdens
laughing within your laughter

do not shed a tear for me
for i am eternity as you are too

i am love in its purest form
and love is eternal.