Every Day Is A Struggle

from by Berry Farm Polar Wave

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these foreign beds aren't comfortable
by now my stomach's always full
i wish i could just fight to stay asleep
i fell too deep

the car fell backward 'cause the mountain it was climbing was too steep

and every day it's a struggle
every day there's no relief
every day

i'm not an individual
that's shaped by passing currents but
it's wonderful how far they take me by
they make me high

and furthermore it pays to see the formlessness of custard pie

and every day it's a struggle
every day there's no relief
every day

take me far away

'till the heavenly rapture sings out there
ranting against everyone's affairs
it's for the best
it's nice
it feels like the sun has dissolved into a three-month night

go clean up and sing it

running out in a plain metal juicebox
it tastes much better than the same stuff on the rocks
keep the light between the cavity then find
a tulip sitting in the desert and then hide
'cause i fell off, it smelled of my youth 'cause
the only thing that kept me going were your hugs
but there were none, i thought that it must stop
but it didn't and our roads now have split off

'cause every day just feels so endless
every day i see a mess
every day it feels like someone...


from Stay Naked, released December 21, 2015




Berry Farm Hempstead, New York

this is the berry farm. these albums are my crops

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